Investment Planning

Brennan Financial Group LLC was founded by Jay R. Brennan, a CPA, CFP® to provide financial planning and investment management services to our clients.My philosophy on investing is to focus on the long term; I believe in asset allocation and creating a diversified portfolio. Some asset classes do better than others and diversification helps spread the risks. We use mutual funds, ETF’s and separate managed accounts, if appropriate.  

Asset Allocation is a cornerstone of a sensible long term, wealth accumulation and distribution strategy.  Since time has proven that very few people can predict next year’s top performing asset class, it makes sound investment sense to diversify your assets into more than one investment category.  Asset Allocation is the strategy of spreading your investments over a variety of different asset classes and over a variety of investment vehicles and management styles within each class, in order to reduce the risk of substantial loss.  Lack of proper diversification can cause you to miss unexpected opportunities and/or expose you to unforeseen investment pitfalls.  It is important to maintain a strategic asset allocation and to periodically rebalance to the strategic asset allocation. I believe in the overriding importance of the strategic asset allocation.

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